2217-06 1500kv 250W brushless motor review

I ordered this brushless motor to convert my Laser Models Colibri 1400mm wingspan, +/- 1000 gram trainer. It was equipped with an OS MAX 25 (0.25 cid) before. 2217-6T (250W) 1500Kv SP Brushless Outrunner Motor Specifications:RPM/V:1500 KVNo load current / 10 V:1.6 ANo. Of cells: 3 Li-Poly/ 8-12 Ni-Mh/Ni-CdMax. efficiency:78%Current capacity:28A/60 sDimensions:28×35 mmShaft diameter: 4 mmWeight:70.8g / 2.49 ozRecommended working current: 8 – 22A (efficient _ 70%)Internal Resistance: 100 mΩProp shaft adaptor output: 6mmRecommended prop without gearbox: 8 x 4 to 9 x 5. Again one I ordered from GiantCod instead of the chinese located HobbyKing: http://www.giantcod.co.uk/22176t-250w-1500kv-brushless-outrunner-motor-p-405612.html. I can buy these … Lees verder 2217-06 1500kv 250W brushless motor review

2212-06 2200kv Parkjet motor

This is one of the motors you’ll find many scratch models for. One I would love to build some time is the polaris seaplane. Just need to find the time…. It comes with a prop adapter and a mounting plate like you can see on this picture.  I couldn’t find it for sale on hobbyking. The UK located GiantCod shop sells it though: http://www.giantcod.co.uk/221206-2200kv-brushless-outrunner-motor-p-402397.html Specifications: Type: A2212/06KV (RPM/V): 2200Voltage: 6-12V (2-3s lipo or 5-7 niCd/NiMh)Max. Amp: 28A (60 sec. max)Max. Efficiency.: 14-22A > 72%No load currency: 1.4A@10VInternal resistance: 45 mΩShaft diameter: 3.17mmDimensions: D27.5 x L30mmWeight: 49g. (excl. mounts)model weight: 300-1000 gramIncluded:1 x Brushless motor1 x Cross … Lees verder 2212-06 2200kv Parkjet motor

C-20 PRO 2050Kv Micro Park Jet Motor

Some test data for this nice micro park jet motor. If you want a bigger parkjet motor I would suggest the 2212-06 from this post. available from HK: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idproduct=6634&aff=268919 Specifications:Dimension: 23mm x 24mmWeight: 25.5g 0.89oz (kv2050) (not including connectors)Diameter of shaft: 3.0mm(EDF/EDP)Length of front shaft: 8mm Max performance:Voltage: 10.5vCurrent: 11.0AProp: 7035 (GWS)Thrust: 552gPower: 129W Test data: thread on rcgroups: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=813808#post9088385 Lees verder C-20 PRO 2050Kv Micro Park Jet Motor