Update on bullet brake parking brake solution for (electric) motorcycles – it works!!

I don’t recall if I made a blogpost here about the first bullet brake I had installed on my bike. But if I did it was probably not that positive as I struggled to keep the pressure on the crucial braking system after that install.

I did several brake bleeds and every single time I did it all improved but the issue in the form of trapped air also returned shortly afterwards. So I eventually had to remove that bullet brake.

Until recently the owner of the company contacted me explaining they had a revised model and wanted to know if I would be willing to test it. That is how this update was created.

Just to be clear; they did send me this new bullet brake to test for free. Never was I asked or instructed in anyway on what to say in an update video. They were honest in that they would appreciate an update but that’s it. Also I did pay for the original bullet brake I tested last year.

With that out of the way I’m truly happy to inform you this one worked like a charm right out of the box. I bled the system directly after installation, went for a quick ride to discover I forgot to actuate the bullet itself during bleeding, fixed that and had no more issues after.

It’s not that I didn’t properly bleed it before. I tried several times and even had it done by a professional once to be sure. Either my initial bullet had a defect or they did indeed improve the internals. Whatever it was I’m glad this is working now.

I live in “Pays des Collines” which translates to “land of hills” so I often have to park on a slope. I even know chargers that don’t have a flat place to park on. This thing makes all the difference.

Now I just need to remember to always engage the killswitch so I’m forced to release the bullet brake when I want to arm the motor again. That is good practice anyway.

2 gedachtes over “Update on bullet brake parking brake solution for (electric) motorcycles – it works!!

    1. I couldn’t see any difference other than the silver one I had first came with 3 washers and these new ones both have only 2 washers. You need just 2 so the 3rd before was a spare. Package seems identical. There are markings stamped on the bullet itself. The new ones have 23-01 stamped on the hex side. Can’t check for the old one cause I gave that away. But it might be a date. Anyway after communicating with the owner I’m codifident they would replace it if you have issues.


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