Why I won’t share any(more) details on unlocking SPORT+ mode on Zero SRF & SRS electric motorcycles

They are already on my back just for talking about it and even took action where they could. In this video below I’m talking about how they took both my project website and Android app down. I’m still surprised they could since nothing was copied.

But back to that sport+ mode. What I have is nothing but a buggy work around anyway, a dirty hack. It only works temporary and I don’t even always succeed in activating it myself. Let alone I can explain others how to.

Who knows it might brick your bike or damage components or even worse, hurt someone. There is likely a reason that zero didn’t include it in their final product. Or maybe they will in the future after thoroughly testing it (for a change).

It also doesn’t solve any of the actual performance issues these zero bikes have. In contrary it will overheat faster since it only increases output. These bikes were never designed with performance in mind. No matter what their promo team tells you.

And if it is harmful I don’t want to be the one responsible. Heck I’ll probably not even activate it again on my own SRF. I ride it on the road not on closed tracks.

In conclusion; if you want full on and sustained power delivery from an electric bike you should look into Energica’s offerings. They are active in racing and are way better suited for performance applications. On their bikes both controller and motor are actively cooled.

Me? I’ll probably start by getting a guided track day… Somewhere in the near future… When covid-19 regulations allow.

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